NSSEA-Seattle, WA

Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.

2424 SW Andover
Seattle, WA 98106

PH (800) 677-1012
FX (206) 933-2209


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Nucor Steel Seattle is a proud member of the Nucor Bar Mill Group. Since 1904 our facility once proclaimed as "Seattle Little Pittsburgh" has continually strived to be the safest, community oriented, environmentally responsible, and profitable business we can be. Our customer base is spread throughout the Pacific Northwest, northern California and Canada. We have the flexibility to deliver on hundreds of grades, shapes and lengths to fit your specific application.

Matt Lyons
PH: 206-933-2290
Fax: 206-933-2207
Ken Bowden
PH: 206-933-2399
PH: 888-579-7542 T Free
Fax: 206-933-2209
Maryallene Arsanto
PH: 206-933-2268
Fax: 206-745-5498
Jay Miller
PH: 206-933-2208
Cell: 206-696-8491
Fax: 206-933-2209
WA, OR, AK, HI & Northern CA
Richard Buckley, P.Eng
Cell: 604-828-6460
Gretchen Heiden
PH: 206-933-2276
PH: 888-579-7536 T Free
Fax: 206-933-2209
Rebar (Distributors) US PNW & Western Canada
Kim Sariego
PH: 206-933-2212
PH: 844-933-2212 T Free
Fax: 206-933-2209
MBQ Canada BC, AB, SK, MB
Nick Shore
PH: 206-933-2202
PH: 888-579-7533 T Free
Fax: 209-933-2209
Sean Lowry
PH: 206-933-2228
PH: 888-579-7538 T Free
Fax: 206-933-2209
Rebar (Fabricators) US PNW, HI, AK
Tawnya Faber
PH: 206-933-2225
PH: 888-579-7534 T Free
Fax: 206-933-2209
Rebar (Fabricators) Canada BC, AB, SK, MB
Erik Nissen
PH: 206-933-2232
Heather Adkins
PH: 206-933-2224
PH: 888-579-7543 T Free
Fax: 206-933-2209
Ed Shilley
PH: 206-933-2226
Fax: 206-933-2209
Rachel Edlund
PH: 206-933-2326
Fax: 206-933-2229
Briana Grosche
PH: 206-933-2227
Fax: 206-933-2209

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