NSKNK-Kankakee, IL

Nucor Steel Kankakee, Inc.

One Nucor Way
Bourbonnais, IL 60914

PH (800) 866-3131
FX (815) 939-5598


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Nucor Steel Kankakee, Inc. is a producer of Rebar, Merchant Bar Quality: rounds, flats and angles. We are certified to the ISO9001 standard. We produce various sizes of bars in various grades and chemistries. Please browse the site to learn more about our products and availability. If, after viewing our "Products" page, you do not see the size you need, please contact us about your inquiry. In our production of quality steel we use 100% recycled steel scrap. Throughout the steelmaking process, we are conscious of our efforts to keep the environment clean and safe from hazardous materials.

Johnny Jacobs
PH: 815-939-5518
Tim Hill
PH: 815-939-5516
Joe Frazzetta
PH: 636-519-1305
Cell: 314-409-9126
Fax: 815-939-5598
Rebar- IA, IL, KS, MN, MO, ND, SD, WI, Eastern NE
Kyle Ridge
PH: 740-223-4362
Cell: 740-341-5952
Fax: 740-383-6429
Rebar - IN, MI, OH
Patrick Bishop
PH: 815-592-0525
Fax: 815-939-5598
Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri (east of route 65 including Springfield) Iowa
Tammy Carey
Cell: 765-918-2920
Fax: 815-939-5598
Dale Murzyn
PH: 815-939-5577
PH: 866-615-9396 T Free
Fax: 815-939-5598
Dana Schopf
PH: 815-939-5578
PH: 866-615-9395 T Free
Fax: 815-939-5598
Jessica Gibson
PH: 815-939-5579
PH: 866-615-9396 T Free
Fax: 815-939-5598
Trent Horn
PH: 815-929-3518
PH: 866-615-9396 T Free
Fax: 815-939-5598
Caitlin Widdicombe
PH: 815-929-3523
Robyn Wray
PH: 815-939-5548
Sara Murphy
PH: 815-939-5512
Fax: 815-939-5598
Jeff Naese
PH: 815-929-3528
Fax: 815-939-5598

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