NSBHM-Birmingham, AL

Nucor Steel Birmingham, Inc.

2301 F. L. Shuttlesworth Drive
Birmingham, AL 35234

PH (866) 862-4796
FX (205) 250-7479


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Nucor Steel Birmingham, Inc. is a proud member of the Nucor Bar Mill group. The Birmingham production facilities are located within the city limits of Birmingham, Alabama on 27 acres. We are certified to the ISO9001 standard and centrally located to serve the greater southeast market with over 600,000 tons of annual production capacity. Our production capabilities include Concrete Reinforcing Bar (rebar) from 10MM /# 3 to 57MM /# 18 in diameter.

We also have two warehouses in Florida. Our Nucor Steel Services of Florida warehouses located in Pompano Beach and Kissimmee serve the Florida market with rebar, in multiple straight lengths as well as coils.  

Feel free to explore the website for more information about our products and their availability. Contact an account representative with any questions you may have.

Kevin Barksdale
PH: 205-250-7402
Fax: 205-250-7465
Clifford Drouet
PH: 205-790-2147 cell
Fax: 205-250-7479
Sandi Crooks
PH: 205-264-8208
Fax: 205-264-8312
Jeff Holliman
PH: 205-264-8336
Cell: 407.620.8159
Fax: 205-250-7479
Jerry Richards
PH: 843-393-5841
PH: 919-593-4623 cell
Fax: 843-395-8701
Steven McDermott
PH: 1-954-942-9400
Cell: 205-568-3709
Fax: 954-942-6123
Bobbye Knight
PH: 800-245-3932
PH: 205-250-7448
Fax: 205-264-8314
Courtney Riegle
PH: 800-683-3700
Fax: 954-942-6123
South Florida
Debra Douglas
PH: 800-224-6928
PH: 205-250-7425
Fax: 205-264-8311
Kathy Krikorian-Damen
PH: 954-942-9400
Fax: 954-942-6123
Orlando area
Jamie Roys
PH: 954-942-9400
Fax: 954-942-6123
Michael Rhodes
PH: 205-250-7466
Fax: 205-264-8313
Peggy Pridmore
PH: 866-862-4796
PH: 205-250-7421
Fax: 205-250-7479
Heather Skinner
PH: Work: 205-264-8285
PH: Cell: 205-482-2656
Fax: 205-264-8349
Sam Price
PH: 205-250-7407
Environmental Engineer

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