NSSC-Darlington, SC

Nucor Steel South Carolina

300 Steel Mill Road
Darlington, SC 29540

PH (800) 999-7461
FX (843) 395-8701


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Nucor Steel South Carolina is a premier producer of angles, channels, flats, rounds, round cornered squares, round coils, hexagons, and wire rod located in Darlington, South Carolina.  We produce special bar quality, merchant bar quality, and wire rod in more than 750 grades of steel.  Since beginning operations in 1969 as Nucor Corporation's first bar mill, we have grown to become the largest bar producer in the Southeast.  NSSC has a state-of-the-art 160-ton DC electric furnace supplying two highly efficient rolling mills. 

Our close proximity to Nucor Cold Finish – South Carolina  provides additional product opportunities with a variety of cold finish products, processes, and services including but not limited to cold drawn bars, turned and polished bars, and turned ground and polished bars… making our total product offering one of the broadest in the Eastern U.S. market.

Feel free to browse our web site for information on NUCOR and a listing of our products and their availability.  For all your grade specifications, please call your NSSC sales representative @ 1-800-999-7461.  We would be happy to discuss your special requirements with you.

Doyle Hopper
PH: 843-395-8669
Brett Stoler
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-8620
Fax: 843-395-8701
Penny Watson
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-8624
Fax: 843-395-8701
Sales Supervisor
Amy Baker
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-8625
Fax: 843-395-8701
Carla Anderson
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-8626
Fax: 843-395-8701
Jennifer Hatchell
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-398-8817
Fax: 843-395-8701
Jessica Morris
PH: 843-398-5594
PH: 800-999-7461
Katy Massey
PH: 843-398-5591
PH: 800-999-7461
Marie Hopkins
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-8627
Fax: 843-395-8701
Melissa Bonnoitt
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-8622
Fax: 843-395-8701
Tyler Rogers
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-398-5554
Fax: 843-395-8701
Wendy Cooper
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-8623
Fax: 843-395-8701
Larry Shirey
PH: 843-398-5504
Philip Brain
PH: 800-999-7461
PH: 843-395-5841
Cell: 843-624-1448
Sales Metallurgical Tech
Bill Cheddar
PH: 412-741-6565
PH: 412-523-8429
Fax: 412-741-2613
Central Region
Chris Amaral
Cell: 203-379-6411
Fax: 843-395-8701
Wire Rod: VA, NC, SC, TN, GA, AL, MS, FL
Jeovanni Rivera
Cell: 203-843-8287
Jerry Richards
PH: 919-593-4623
PH: 919-542-1778
Fax: 919-542-8141
Southeast Region
Kevin Yochim
Cell: 905-788-4886
Michael Mezey
Cell: 312-502-4999
Mike Braxton
PH: 843-229-0705
MBQ: GA, AL, TN, FL Panhandle
Steven McDermott
PH: 954-942-9400
Cell: 205-568-3709
Fax: 954-942-6123
Tim Mahan
Cell: 843-367-7163
MBQ Product Manager
Timothy Semonich
Cell: 315-224-5845
Tom Hach
PH: 330-995-6448
PH: 440-623-0553
Fax: 330-995-0058
SBQ: OH, KY, Western TN
Wayne Turner
Cell: 216-408-9530
SBQ: NY, CT, NJ, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, AL, FL, Eastern TN
Starr Britt
PH: 843-395-8609
Fax: 843-395-8709
Kent Reaves - Traffic Coordinator
PH: 843-398-8826
Fax: 843-395-8701
Jim Blew - Division Metallurgist
PH: 843-395-8658
Fax: 843-395-8720
Heather Huggins
PH: 843-398-8813
Fax: 843-398-8896
Environmental engineer
Jamie Flynn
PH: 843-398-5503
Cell: 843-206-2814
Fax: 843-395-8775

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