NSKNG-Kingman, AZ

Nucor Steel Kingman LLC

3000 US-66
Kingman, AZ 86413

PH (800) 778-0022
FX (928) 718-7096


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Nucor Steel - Kingman, LLC facility processes precast billets into coiled rebar and wire rod products. Our mill is dedicated to being an efficient and low cost producer of steel products. We will continually upgrade and expand our facility by installing the latest in technology. More than that, all of us (as employees) have been dedicated to the task of safely producing a quality product, at competitive prices, that will best serve our customers. Our mission is to take care of our customers by being the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most productive and most profitable steel and steel products company in the world. We are committed to doing this while being cultural and environmental stewards in the communities where we live and work.           Nucor Steel - Kingman, LLC

Dan Needham
General Manager, VP Nucor Corporation
Joey Loosle
PH: 928-718-9210
PH: 800-333-3449
Cell: 435-452-8077
Fax: 928-718-7096
Coreena Frashefski
PH: 928-718-9234
PH: 800-778-0022
Cell: 203-415-0332
Fax: 928-718-7096
George Snelling
PH: 435-458-2300
Cell: 435-230-3518
Greg Davis
PH: 951-520-9665
Cell: 951-757-9525
So. CA, NV, AZ, NM
Jay Miller
PH: 206-933-2208
Cell: 206-696-8491
Fax: 206-933-2209
Richard Buckley, P.Eng
Cell: 604-828-6460
Sharon Livingston
PH: 1-800-778-0022 Rod
PH: 1-855-718-7836 Rebar
Cell: 928-279-8528
Fax: 928-718-7096
Wes Addleman
PH: 1-800-778-0022 Rod
PH: 1-855-718-7836 Rebar
Cell: 928-727-6200
Fax: 928-718-7096
Vijay Choksi
PH: 928-718-9217
PH: 800-333-3449
Cell: 928-377-8130
Fax: 928-718-7096
Jennifer Buoncuore
PH: 928-718-9229
Fax: 928-718-7096
Royal Henderson - Credit Analyst
PH: 800-428-9014
PH: 435-458-2391
Fax: 425-458-2309

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