NSMEM-Memphis, TN

Nucor Steel Memphis, Inc.

3601 Paul R. Lowry Road
Memphis, TN 38109

PH (901) 786-5900
FX (901) 786-5348


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Nucor Steel Memphis, Inc. is a producer of high Quality, Engineered Bars in rounds and round corner squares. The Nucor Memphis size range in ROUND product is from 2-1/2"- 10"(63.5mm-266mm) and ROUND CORNER SQUARE product is 3.5”- 10” (88.9mm-254mm). Nucor also offers on rolled bars the most up to date “in production” and “offline testing” Ultrasonic and Surface  Non-destructive testing.

Semi-finished Bloom options are also available out of Nucor Memphis in round sections only.  20.125” (511mm), 16.25” (412.75mm), 13.5” (342.9mm), 12.25”(311mm), 10.5”(267mm), 11.375” (289mm), 8.875” (225.5mm).

Please contact the sales department at (901)786-5900 or email sales.notifications@nucor.com

with any inquires that you might have.


Dave Smith
PH: 901-786-5820
VP/GM Nucor Memphis
Hugh Burnstad
PH: (901) 786-5900
Sales Manager
Clint Cottle
PH: 901-786-5477
PH: 901-827-1682
George Von Rotz
Larry Jones
PH: 402-614-0705
Cell: 402-237-9797
Fax: 402-614-0995
Select portions of AZ, ID, UT, KS, CO, IA, IL, TN, MO, AR, WI
Michael Mezey
PH: 312-502-4999
Mike Hlebovy
PH: (440) 324-1212
PH: (440) 371-7627
Northwestern Ohio, Michigan, Canada
Shane McGuire
PH: 989-430-3298
Automotive Market Engineered Bar Products
Todd Evilsizor
PH: 219-560-2223
Cell: 901-833-6860
Fax: 210-338-5419
Metallurgical/Technical Sales Manager / West TX, OK, west coast
Tom Hach
PH: (330) 995-6448
PH: (440) 623-0553
Fax: (330) 995-0058
Wayne Turner
PH: 216-408-9530
Katherine Butler
PH: 901-786-5299
Sales Engineer
Kathleen Branscum
PH: 901-786-5448
Fax: 901-786-5348
Sales Engineer
Mae Basham
PH: 901-786-5831
Fax: 901-786-5348
Sales Coordinator
Marlin Reverts
PH: 901-786-5205
Sales Representative
Nani Tsikurishvili
PH: 901-786-5449
Sales Representative
Sean Mednikow
PH: 901-786-5392
Sales Representative
Parker Maners
PH: 901.786.5255
Evironmental Engineer
Heather Skinner
PH: 205.264.8285
Cell: 205.482.2656

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