NSAU-Auburn, NY

Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc.

25 Quarry Road P.O. Box 2008
Auburn, NY 13021

PH (855) 246-5945
FX (315) 253-5377


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Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc. is a producer of Rebar, Merchant Bar Quality Rounds, Squares Flats, Angles and Channels. As we are certified to ISO 9002 standards we produce over 130 sizes in various grades and chemistries. Please browse the site to learn more about our products and availibility. If, after viewing our "Products" page, you do not see the size you need, please contact us about your inquiry. Our steel has a 99% recycled content. During the steelmaking process, we are conscious of our efforts to keep the environment clean and safe from hazardous materials. After all it is our nature.

Jason Curtis
PH: 315-253-4232
Fax: 315-253-8441
Patrick Dempsey
PH: 315-258-4326
Fax: 315-253-5377
Bill Cheddar
PH: (315) 258-4360
Fax: (315) 253-5377
Jeovanni Rivera
Cell: 203-843-8287
Kevin Yochim
PH: (905) 788-4886 cell
Fax: (315) 253-5377
Timothy Semonich
Cell: 315-224-5845
Jaclyn Dougherty
PH: (315) 612-3136
Fax: (315) 253-5377
Jaimie Danner
PH: 315-258-4250
Fax: (315) 253-5377
Jamie Golembeski
PH: (315) 258-4319
Fax: (315) 253-5377
Jeremy Mueller
PH: 315-258-4220
Fax: 315-253-5377
Marek Rozwood
PH: (315) 258-4202
Fax: (315) 253-5377
Melissa Holt
PH: 315-258-4227
Fax: 315-253-5377
Jim Biernat
PH: (315) 258-4288
Fax: (315) 258-4274
Nucor Logistics Center
PH: 901-275-3899
Ted Carr
PH: 315-258-4238
Fax: 315-258-4392

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