NSTX-Jewett, TX

Nucor Steel Texas

8812 Highway 79 West
Jewett, TX 75846

PH (800) 527-6445
FX (903) 626-6262


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NUCOR STEEL - Jewett, Texas is a world-class producer of hot rolled carbon steel products. We offer an extensive product/size range of carbon steel angles, channels, flat bars, rounds, squares, and U.M. plate, in addition to concrete reinforcing steel and special shapes. As a proud member of the NUCOR BAR MILL GROUP, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified, ISO 14001:2004 certified, ABS certified, as well as being State D.O.T. certified in a number of states for reinforcing steel. NUCOR is the largest metals recycler in the Western Hemisphere. To help you with your requirements please go to the "Contact Us" page above and click on the E-mail address or call the toll free telephone number.

Al Behr
PH: 903-626-4461
Fax: 903-626-6290
Allen Bracey
PH: 800-527-6445
PH: 903-626-4461
Fax: 903-626-6262
Carlos Martinez
PH: 52-1811-594-0246
Carrie Crouch
PH: 903-714-6887
PH: 800-527-6445
Fax: 903-626-6262
TX (Southwest)
Matt Gilmore
Cell: 979-220-7713
Houston Area
Mike Greiten
PH: 214-789-7941
PH: 800-527-6445
Fax: 903-626-6262
AR, OK, TX (214, 254, 325, 430, 432, 469, 682
Courtney McGee
PH: 903-626-1639
PH: 800-527-8445
Fax: 903-626-6262
Sales Supervisor
Lori Burns
PH: 866-802-2667
PH: 903-626-1638
Fax: 903-626-6262
Rebar Sales
Cara Jeffcoat
PH: 903-626-1633
Fax: 903-626-6262
Inside Sales
Casey Chanley
PH: 866-802-2494
PH: 903-626-1636
Fax: 903-626-6262
Texas OEM Sales
Jodie Gooch
PH: 866-802-0219
PH: 903-626-1635
Fax: 903-626-6262
Service Center Sales
John Stem
PH: 866-801-1146
PH: 903-626-1634
Fax: 903-626-6262
Mexico Sales
Justin Romine
PH: 903-626-1640
Fax: 903-626-6262
Billet Sales/Internal Accounts
Kelsey Robinson
PH: 866-802-0543
PH: 903-626-1637
Fax: 903-626-6262
Service Center Sales
Tanner Shiflett
PH: 866-802-4594
PH: 903-626-6270
Fax: 903-626-6262
OEM Sales (excluding Texas)
Natalie Pruitt
PH: 903-626-1699
Fax: 903-636-6290
Charles Grimes
PH: 903-626-1612
Fax: 903-626-6262
Production Coordinator
Johnny Green
PH: 903-626-6292
PH: 903-626-4461
Fax: 903-626-6262
Production Coordinator
Amanda Thompson
PH: 903-626-6223
Traffic Clerk
Carmela McMillian
PH: 903-626-6298
Fax: 903-626-6277
Garrett Manahan-Shipping Supervisor
PH: 903-626-1655
Fax: 903-626-6290
Jordan Festervand
PH: 903-626-6283
Logistics Coordinator
Robert Fortson- Quality Assurance
PH: 903-626-6241
Fax: 903-626-6248
Matt Way
PH: 903-626-4461
Environmental Coordinator
Heather Skinner
PH: wk 205.264.8285
Cell: 205.482.2656

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