NSCT-Wallingford, CT

Nucor Steel Connecticut, Inc.

35 Toelles Road
Wallingford, CT 06492

PH (800) 221-0323
FX (203) 284-8215


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Nucor Steel - Connecticut, Inc is a proud member of the Nucor Bar Mill Group and processes precast billets into coiled rebar and wire rod products. Additionally, we have onsite production capabilities for wire mesh fabrication.  The NSCT mill is ISO9001 certified and is dedicated to being a low cost, high quality producer of steel products.  Our teammates are driven to engineer products and supply chain solutions to meet your needs

Doug Adams
PH: 203-265-0615
Caleb Strother
PH: 203-265-0615
Jennifer Relyea
PH: 203-949-6807
PH: 800-221-0323 x 6807
Fax: 203-265-7676
Mike O'Malley
PH: 815-991-5559
PH: 815-622-4380
Fax: 815-622-8622
Jeovanni Rivera
Cell: 203-843-8287
Jerry Richards
PH: 919-593-4623
PH: 919-542-1778
Fax: 919-542-8141
Peter Foley
PH: 601-936-6257
Cell: 601-812-7290
Fax: 601-936-6252
Cody Gabor
PH: 203-949-6811
PH: 800-221-0323 x 6808
Fax: 203-265-7676
Giovanna Cordova
PH: 203-949-6810
PH: 800- 221-0323 x 6810
Fax: 203-265-7676
Jeremy Carroll
PH: 203-949-6809
PH: 800-221-0323 x 6811
Fax: 203-265-7676
Scott Thayer
PH: 203-949-6828

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