1. What if I forgot my password?

    No problem. Please contact your customer service representative & they can help to reset your password.

  2. What if I have a suggestion for the website?

    We value and appreciate your suggestions and strive to create a useful tool for the our employees & customers. In order to submit a suggestion, go to the Contact Us page & select the e-mail link under the division name/address. You can select any division & your request will be submitted.

  3. What type of customer specific data is available through the secure area of the site?

    The secure area of the site allows customers to view their account information for any Nucor division that they do business with & one or more of the customer''s shipping locations. The ability to view product availability, pricing & rollings to viewing invoice, bill of lading & miill certifications are all features of the secure area.

  4. Where do I go for help?

    If you need help, reach your sales representative or division by going to the Contact Us page & send an e-mail.

  5. Will you share my information with other companies?

    Nucor does not intentionally collect through this Website or distribute to third parties any personal information concerning informational visitors to this site without their consent, except possibly for purposes of compliance with the law. For more detailed information, please read our privacy policy.